Wedding Planning – 7 Must Know Tips

This is controversial so hang onto your seats! Please stay with me here and read all of this article as it will save YOU time, effort and money in deciding whether to get involved in a home business or not!)1. BECOME A LEADER! The main reason why so many people fail in online home businesses is because in all reality only between 1% and 5% will succeed anyway. This comes down to plain ol’ mother nature and the law of nature.Many sponsors don’t tell you this when you join but I like getting to the point! As an example, when you join a traditional home business like MLM your upline will tell you to go out and make a centre of influence list of your family, friends, work colleagues, associates and the old lady at the bus stop, so that you can sell them your products and opportunity. What they fail to tell you is that only a very small percentage of people will actually do this and if they do find the “courage” to do this keep doing it consistently!In reality, you will probably get to the stage when you run out of people on your centre of influence list or just grow tired of trying to sell to “Auntie Maude” or people you meet. You will need to find new ways to generate leads (and when I say leads, I mean a minimum of 30+ new quality niche leads per day, every day) so that sufficiently targeted people are buying your products/services and/or joining you in your home business.To get into the 1% – 5% of home business entrepreneurs who make all the money, then YOU absolutely have to become a LEADER immediately (or as fast as you can) in these types of businesses. You see, some people are already pre-wired to be leaders from birth or early childhood and it comes easy for them to display leadership qualities from the outset of starting a new home business.For example, it is easy for them to go out and talk to people about their “new wonderful and amazing home business” or to generate leads through the Internet. For many though this is a real chore and very hard to do. Most people who join are “Followers” and a huge amount of personal development and new skill sets need to be learned in order to get to the psychological and emotional stage where the home business “entrepreneur” can start to be a leader so that enough people will follow them. In effect, you want to become an “Alpha” male or “Alpha” female (pardon the Big Brother housemates expression) as quickly as you can if you are not one already.

The vast majority of people are followers so you don’t want to do what they do but instead go in the opposite direction and emulate what the “leaders” are doing. Go in the direction of the 1-5% top income earners who are making all the money in home businesses. Remain in the 95% of followers and you will be left with nothing and if lucky the tiniest of left over “crumbs”.The top home business success stories all revolve around the minority of leaders who have shone out and built an empire in their network, but get this, they are leaders first and foremost!2. LEARN, LEARN, LEARN! The next big reason why people fail is because they don’t LEARN fully about Internet marketing. Sure their upline will say go and run some ads on Google or put an ad in a newspaper and then leave them to it. The new home business “entrepreneur” may try this but never really gets involved massively enough in learning a huge amount about online marketing (or indeed offline advertising).The key aspect is really to focus on one area of marketing and become a total MASTER in it. It’s a marathon and not a sprint so if it takes time to reach the income that is going to build a solid and secure financial wall around you and your family, then surely it is worth the sacrifice in time/effort/money invested in your education. You want to get a blackbelt in Internet marketing!Let’s say you decide to learn everything you can about search engine optimisation (getting your website listed on the 1st page of Google for different keywords/phrases) on a nonstop basis for a solid 12 months. By the end of those 12 months you will more than likely become a top professional in that area and generating a huge amount of leads. Once you have mastered one particular area then you may want to move on to a new marketing strategy and really focus on mastering that as well.It could be that throughout your home business career you just focus on 1 possibly 2 different forms of advertising which you have totally mastered and this would be more than sufficient to put you in good standing to build a six figure income business.3. IT’S ABOUT YOU! The final piece in the jigsaw is for YOU to become a people magnet. Someone who is totally irresistible that people just want to buy into you. You want to build your own brand because people to all intent and purposes are not interested in the company, products, marketing system, compensation plan etc, they are interested in YOU…yes YOU! If they relate to you, build rapport with you and trust you then it is highly likely they will want to work with you or buy your products/services. This is widely known in the online marketing industry as “Attraction Marketing.”So many people spend all their time focusing on marketing the company, products, services, compensation plan, marketing system etc and wonder why they are not making any money. The reason is that your target audience are not interested in all that BUT they definitely are interested in YOU! (Apologies for repeating myself again here but I just needed to get this point across)!Because home business “entrepreneurs” are focusing all their attention on marketing everything but themselves and not making any money out of it, they jump around from business to business thinking another business has better products, compensation plan, cheaper to join, “hold your spot in this matrix… wow I’ve got 217 people under me in only 24 hours (scratch head how did that happen…oh yes mathematical 21 year old geniuses have come up with the next unbelievable system”, or “oh my sponsor/mentor didn’t do anything for me and left me all on my lonesome, sob sob” (do I hear violins in the background?) etc, but after they “hop” to another sponsor/mentor or home business they find they still don’t make any money!

Let’s face it if YOU can’t MASTER one established MLM or Direct Sales biz etc, then “hopping” around to another home business thinking the “grass is greener on the other side” won’t make any difference as you will more than likely find you won’t make any money in that new business either. As the Chinese proverb states, “she/he who chases two rabbits catches none” (yes I got that from “The Karate Kid”).You have not yet become a total LEADER and fully MASTERED the necessary skill sets and massively BRANDED yourself sufficiently to justify making a consistent full-time monthly home business income.People who do their due diligence on their potential mentors are not silly and over time they will see through whether their mentor displays all the 3 key requirements I am outlining. The chances of building a long term relationship with your mentor and solid residual income could become severely impeded if you don’t see leadership or skills from your mentor!However, ultimately it is not about what your mentor possesses BUT instead it is ALL about what YOU possess over the course of your home business career!The top Internet marketers and home business entrepreneurs are fully fledged leaders and have totally mastered at least one skill set AND massively built their own “YOU Incorporated” brand. Many of them have achieved this without the help of a mentor!Just think, they can turn their hand to any home business and make huge incomes in the process! People are crying out for them to join their businesses daily! Just by having them on board, putting their own name to the business will in effect build that business. It’s all about YOU, the brand and what you bring to the table! The 1 -5 % LEADERS operate at a higher level, but hey, yes YOU can too!So invest time, money and effort in “YOU Incorporated” and build your personal brand to attract people!